For an unusual gift to give this Valentine’s Day, consider something that doesn’t come in a box.

For many of us, those on our gift list may already have enough flowers, candies and cards to keep them happy for years to come. Finding a unique gift that shows how much you really care can be challenging. With life insurance, you can skip the florist, and give your loved-ones a present that’s value may outlast the wilting flowers. Of course, life insurance may not be the right gift for everyone, but for the special people in your life consider buying a life insurance policy for them this Valentine’s Day.

Who can you give the gift of life insurance to?

Your Spouse

Your non-working spouse may top the list. Many families only have a life insurance policy for one partner (either the only working spouse or the primary breadwinner), but research has shown that more than 50% of people would feel the financial impact of losing a spouse within one year. While it may not be immediately obvious, a stay-at-home parent brings tremendous value to the household through childcare, cooking, cleaning and so much more. The loss of a stay-at-home parent could have a major financial impact on your family. This year, make sure that your family is thoroughly protected by ensuring both spouses are covered with life insurance.

Your Kids or Grandkids

Your kids or grandkids could also benefit from the gift of life insurance. A juvenile life insurance policy can be purchased by a parent or grandparent on behalf of a minor. This policy is a type of whole life insurance, which means it accrues cash value over the policy’s lifetime creating a nest egg for the child down the line. Once purchased, you’ll act as the policyholder until your little one is 21 at which time they’ll take control of the policy. At that point, they can either continue it in perpetuity or redeeming its current cash value. This type of policy can make a great gift because of the potential of its future value for your kids or grandkids.


While it may feel a little odd to buy something for yourself for Christmas, making sure that you are covered with the right amount of life insurance can be one of the most meaningful gifts you buy this year. By assigning your wife and/or children as beneficiaries, you can make this simple act a gift for the whole family. If you already have a life insurance policy, but haven’t reviewed it lately, make sure you take the time this year to look it over. If your lifestyle or circumstances have changed, you may need to update it. Start the process.

How do you buy a life insurance policy as a gift?

You can request a quote for yourself or a spouse. After you send your request, you’ll receive a call from one of our licensed agents who will walk you through the process and advise you along the way. If you’re purchasing life insurance for your spouse or partner, they’ll need to be involved in the process to give their consent and take a quick medical exam.

To purchase a juvenile life insurance policy, you can also use our request a quote tool. An agent will get in contact with you and advise you of how to proceed.

The gift of life insurance doesn’t necessarily have to go to a loved one either. If you are feeling particularly charitable this season, you may want to assign a non-profit as the sole or partial beneficiary of your policy.

We hope that this holiday season is full of happiness for you and yours. Make it a season of increased financial peace of mind by putting life insurance under your tree.